As you know my work has been censored by Ecole de Beaux-arts de Paris, the school has been informed of my work since beginning of January, and the mock up photos of the work are even included in the catalogue of the show. They decided to take down the work after it has been installed without me nor the curator from Royal Art College's consent.

Please see these link for details of the story or simply google: beaux-arts siu lan ko.,52575.php

I was told this afternoon that the Director of the Beaux-arts Henri Claude did not want to have a meeting with me to explain why the banners was removed from the facade. And despite my protest and request to reput the banners- their decisions remain unchanged- my banners could not be 're-installed' on the facade. Instead, they propose for me to put the banners inside the gallery or to do an alternative piece. I made it clear that these options are unacceptable and that I demand the banners to be installed in its integrity and original conception- on the facade of Beaux-arts where i created this work specifically for.

I am writing to ask for your support in an action tomorrow- Please come to the gallery at the time of the opening at 530-6pm, please bring with you two banners when you come along. Yes, you can find attached an e-version of my banners that have been censored, please go ahead and print them on your own, in whatever size and format you want, and make your own version of the banners with these 4 words- Gagner, Travailler, Moins, Plus. We will have a sea of banners outside, inside, upside, downside of beaux-arts.

I wish to emphasize that this action is not an 'alternative version' of my artwork- it is an action in support of my request to 're-installed' the two banners 7 m x1.20 m on the facade of beaux-arts.

I demand the banners to be put back at the facade of the beaux-arts, and that the school issue an official apology for their infringement of freedom of speech and artists rights.

I am asking you to help forward this email to your friends, post them on your blogs- let more people know about this news and the action. That we condemn censorship and the infringement of freedom of speech. Fundamentally it is not simply about one artist's work being censored, it is about dis-respecting the rights to the freedom of expression when other interest- economic, political interest are at stake. If this could happen to me, it might happen to you one day.

I hope to see you tomorrow, and I will keep you updated of any further development or actions.

Le Flyer